Symbaloo Bookmarker: Save your favorite websites and online resources

The Symbaloo bookmarker is an easy to use add-on for your browser. It is a helpful tool to add new tiles to your Symbaloo webmixes as you browse the web.

Saving your favorite websites and online resources is easier than ever! With the Symbaloo Bookmarker extension you can add the website you are visiting to your Symbaloo account without even leaving the website. This will make your online life easier and help you keep your favorite websites and resources in one place; accessible at any time, on any device.

Add the Symbaloo Bookmarker to your browser and make it easy to add new tiles to your webmixes!

Install the Symbaloo Bookmarker on your browser

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge



How do I use the Symbaloo Bookmarker?

After installing the bookmarker, the Symbaloo icon will appear in the top right corner of your browser. The first time you click on that icon you need to log in to your Symbaloo account, so that you can save your bookmarks directly to your Symbaloo webmixes!

Once logged in, you can save your current page as a tile by clicking the Symbaloo Bookmarker extension, choosing a webmix, and clicking the green button.